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997.1 Coolant Leak


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34 minutes ago, sjm said:

The coolant reservoir (pictured in 2nd picture above) are prone to cracking and leaking in 996/997's.

Have a good look at that. 

I will cheers.

Spoke to my mechanic and he reckons it’s the water pump. 

Going to tow to him tomorrow. 


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9 hours ago, tomo said:

Coolent hose and pump look to be the main offenders,  But as @sjm says good time to check your tank as well.

Tank is not an inexpensive replacement, and very fiddly.  I had one "in stock" that I hadn't got around to installing in my original 996.2, and ended up putting it in my GT3 when we had the engine out.  My mechanic noted it would have been a bitch to do with the engine in...

Having just replaced the water pump and thermostat in my 996.1 during a recent mini refurb, my mechanic noted that the water pump he removed had a slightly damaged mating face on the block where a previous replacement hadn't been done correctly.   I recall seeing in an FCP Euro DIY video that you need to loosen off the engine mounts and slightly jack up the engine to get the pump on and off properly.  I also replaced the water hoses as preventative maintenance, and some of these had to come from Germany.  

So @Rerve, depending on what is required, your's might be a bit longer job than you thought, depending on what parts you end up needing??  I got my waterpump from Masterparts / Autohaus Hamilton as it was substantially cheaper than Porsche.

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In my 996.2 had the same leak but minor for few months.  One day I start the engine and the water pump started making rattle noise.

I chose to drop the engine to change the pump and refurbish all that needs refurbishing.

The pump was original and lasted 20 years. Not too shabby.

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