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Buying a 911

Gerry Van

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I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice, in short i always loved the 911 carrera wide body look and

instead of waiting until I'm too old to enjoy it now's the time to get one. As I live in a very remote area I can't view 911's for sale as easy as the rest of you might, it's something l don't want to rush into so any advice would be really appreciated. l would love to get hold of a 85-87 carrera, l'm going to Brisbane in August and l'm going to try and check out a few just to try and get the feel for the earlier 911 in general as l have had little to no experience with my dream car(yet), thanks for listening hope to hear from you all soon.


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Hi Gerry,

Welcome to the forum. Thats a great decision it sounds like you have made. Very good model years to choose. I would suggest you get a hold of some books and read up as much as you can. I have one at home which I have read from front to back about 20 times by Paul Frere. Old age means I cannot remember the title but when I get home to night I will dig it out. The information I learnt from this book has been a great help in choosing good from bad.

Back to you with more info later.

Good luck with the hunt for a car its always good fun...

Cheers for now


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Hi Gerry Van,

Welcome aboard!

Maybe a PM (personal message) to "Q.." (forum name), who, before he heads off to Europe for an extended holiday, might be able to point you in the right direction as far as dealers in Brisbane are concerned. He himself was/is a buyer/seller in Qld.



(Sorry Q.. if you're trying to run away from all of this! :P;) )

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Hi Gerry,

Welcome to the forum and good luck with the P-car search...for many of us the search becomes a never ending obsession. :wacko:

For me I started out be reading anything I could get my hands on regarding the model I was after. The Pitstop Bookshop was a good starting point.

The Ultimate Owners Guide: Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2

And I definitely agree with jnr356 on getting pre-purchase appraisal from an expert.

Have fun.


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Thanks everyone,

Appreciate the contact Kerry l've sent a message to Q.. hopefully he can give me some contacts, l'm sure as l get closer to finding what l want and after purchase l'll be picking everyones brains/annoying the hell out of you all but again thanks heaps l'll keep you posted.

Gerry van

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Hi Chris,

Yes l did an 89 Carrera 3.2 from a bloke in Brisbane, in pretty good shape and not a bad price l'll post some pics cheers Gerry


how are the pics coming along? I am looking for a 3.2 as well for my frist Porsche. I would love to see your 3.2 and any feedback on what you think of it, condition etc.



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