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Rear Seat Belts

1984 Carerra Blue

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I'm desperate for a set of rear seat belts for my 84' Porsche 911. I live in Melbourne but I don't know where to start looking? I tried the Porsche dealer but they are awfully expensive and they dont have any in stock so they would have to be ordered.

Does anyone know where I could get a set of used belts?

Really appreciated,


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Welcome aboard Ashley,

Alternatively you could look at new ones through PelicanParts.com, considering we hit parity last night and last time I looked we were 99.9c to the US$, never a better time to buy out of the US... if unfamiliar, check out this thread...



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Thanks everyone! I tried the Porsche dealer but they had none in stock and they are $600 each and will have to be ordered in from Germany.

...then I tried Swan Porsche Parts as apparently they are the biggest second-hand Porsche parts supplier in Australia. Although they had none at the time the knew a company that could do ones that would fit but I would need to drill new holes into the body for the fixings.

...then I tried Pelican Parts - it seems like a great online resource for Porsche parts. They seem to have most of the new genuine Porsche parts to make a full set of rear belts for about $250 each + shipping. What a relief! That was a lot more reasonable.

..then I tried aPorschapart, they also can do a set for about $250 but because they are local there's not shipping cost. I'm assured they would be good enough to meet the ADR's so they sound the best so far.

I've saved hundreds of dollars now, so now I'm a happy man! Thanks again!

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