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993 S

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Thanks Kerry, its great to have this forum to be able to talk to and meet other club members. Well done!

Have a great day


Hey Chris, nice unit, I have one the same - how many "k"s ? Is it a tipper or manual ? Trying to keep the k's down on mine down a bit now, so I bought an 84 3.2 Carrera to "share the load" !! Pix attached.





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Hey CP993,

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your Sexy ASS! :lol::rolleyes:

Sorry, but its true, one of the best looking butts in the business!!!

You better hope that those good ol' boys in the design department don't have a rethink about the your split vent, it might turn up on the next Boxster! - No offence to Boxsters of course! :blink::)

I'll shut up now...


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Hey Kerry, you make me laugh, I knew you would be the first one to comment....

Ann my wife laughs at me because she often finds me just staring at it after I have washed it. Afterall it gets washed and polished more than driven at the moment but hoping that will change soon.



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