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How to add an image to your post...

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Once you have clicked on "Start New Topic", or "Reply", you will see an area for writing your topic, or reply, and beneath these sections is an "Attachments" title. Click this and then you are able to "Choose File", and then once selected, "Attach this file". The file must be less than 2Mb in size.

This will attach a thumbnail of your picture file, and once your post is viewed, and the image clicked on, it will open to full size.

Further advise is available just below in "Help with Attaching Files".

If you store your image files online (Photobucket/Picasa etc) you can copy the link and insert directly into the topic via a custom button above the text area - picture frame icon.

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Once you have created an account and uploaded your pics, follow these simple steps, return to the forum where you want to post them and paste

First. See the icon at the bottom with the 3 dots (share icon).Touch that


 'Copy link to clipboard' and it will take you to the next screen



Click on 'IMG' at the bottom, then done


Then come back to the forum and paste it where you want 

Hope that helps



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