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81 SC Australian delivered coupe - Melbourne

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Hi all,


Exclusive to PFA !!


Helping out a mate of mine who has a 81 SC Coupe that he wants to sell without having the dramas of having 50 phone calls. He has asked me to help him sell it.


The details - car is an Australian delivered 81 SC coupe, non-sunroof, matching numbers in Chiffon White. Always a Melbourne car.


The engine and gearbox have been totally done by Cairns back in about 2010 (with receipts), and the suspension has also been done. Essentially the mechanicals of the car are perfect.


The car has been stored outside for a number of years, and therefore it could do with a cosmetic refresh. It is straight and accident free, so the work to repaint and make it look lovely again should be pretty straight forward.


Interior is original and as such as some wear and tear. There are cracks in the dash, and some wear on the bolster of the drivers seat. Otherwise the carpet matches the age of the car, same for the headlining etc.


I have taken a lot of photos of the car, and can send them through to anyone that wants them.


Asking price is $58,000 and supplied with a roadworthy.


My estimate is that it would cost around $8-$10k to do the body.


Email me at aewebster @ me.com


Thanks for your interest.


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58k .. Wow ! Without knowing the car or causing offence id be saying a discount of 20k off the asking price is more aligned to real market value... I watch the market very closely and 60k buys you a premium car with very little to no spend.. But then again I have eaten my words in the past.

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I actually missed this post all together ....

Considering I have the same car (81 SC Aussie delivered), I too would lovvve to see it sell for this price ...

Please keep us informed of the progress ...

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