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Wanted 74-77 dash & 5 bar engine grille and other parts

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I'm hoping Kerry et al will move this to the right spot. Until then...

Kerry I'm paid up my status though doesn't seem to have altered ?


If you have parts PM's please gents.

wanted 74-77 rhd dash. Doesn't have to be pretty.

wanted 5 bar engine grille to suit a 71.

wanted big brakes or big brake conversion for a hottie . Let me know what you got. Suit 15 or 16 inch wheel size

wanted front spoiler  let me know what you got - IROC, S or other tuff mutha. 

Wanted 69-73 silver edged front rear indicators lenses. Let me know what you got before I stump up some cash.

Wanted period 70's race seats. Driver and passenger.


pm's please 


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I know it has ended, but the seller had a couple for sale. This MAYBE still up for grabs. Not that good with communication though. A bit too rich for me, as you can buy a rerpo one for very similar money 






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