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52 years Of 911 staying true to it roots


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I love how the 'Porsche purists' are the bogeyman that gets blamed whenever a new model departs from what worked on the old model.

'Purists' never complained about going from Torsion bars to coil-over, or from CIS to Motronic, or even lengthening the wheelbase and using aluminium suspension parts.  'Purists' never complained about extra power or displacement or bigger brakes.

The reality is that regulations are what have driven most of the changes - from the body structure to the engines and electric steering to things like the rear bumper height.  Everything from Targas to impact bumpers, thermal reactors and catalytic converters, flashing seatbelt lights and quiet inductions and exhausts are not done because that's what the market wants, but because that's what the Ralph Naders of the world want.  The 'Purists' are just those people who point out that these things haven't necessarily made the car better.

Funny how the 'Purists' these days are more likely to want a Singer than a 991, because - what do we have here - a small, light car with a modern efficient engine and big modern brakes and suspension.  In fact, if you list the differences between a Singer and a 991 C2, you get a list of all the things the 'Purists' have simply pointed out haven't necessarily been changes for the better.

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