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RHD Dashboard for 911SC required 1981

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I've just purchased a 1981 911SC and require a new dashboard.

I know there are a few topics on the forums that touch on this but I have been unable to find anything concrete.

I am looking for a new dashboard or advice as to whether they can be re-skinned in the original style. 

I had the same issue with my Targa a few years ago, but due to the small cracks was able to get the plastic re-welded. The new SC is a little beyond that, as it has spent quite a bit of time uncovered by the looks of things.

Obviously these are a pretty scarce commodity these days and very few wreckers have any left near decent quality.

Would love it if anyone could help me out with advice on where i might find these or any international suppliers. Willing to pay

Also, looking to replace the windshield at the same time if anyone can recommend a decent supplier.


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Try James at Autohaus in  Sydney for a new price( probably expensive) a cheaper option,especially as you are near Melbourne is to have your original  dash vacuum reskinned by the Dash Specialist in Coburg. Bit of a job to remove it--windscreen ,gauges out to access retainers.

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Cheers guys,

James was a great help with most parts I need, unfortunately there is nil stock of the dash as a genuine spare left in Aus. Germany have stopped making them too by the sounds of things. 

Looks like a trip to the re-skinner in Coburg. Luckily I need to replace the windscreen so the dash job doesnt make me feel so bad

Russ, thanks very much for the parts breakdown. It was a great help.

It seems like this is the type of forum that would have come in handy years ago. 

Silly me.

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