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Bathurst 6 hour


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I've been watching on and off for a few hours, really enjoyed it. How good is the quality of the stream too (I'm watching via LiveStream via an Apple TV, hasn't missed a beat).

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I was there in car 21.

The weekend was epic right up until we threw a belt off and killed the engine about 2hrs in. 

The shoot-out was as enjoyable as anything I've ever done before in motorsport - getting clean space on that track for 4 laps. What a great buzz that was. I qualified in 7th with a 2.30.2.

Rod got an awesome start and with good race speed and strategy we got to the front. I jumped in and was leading the race for a bit when the A45 limped out and had Chaz right on my ass which was pretty cool too - and the move he did on me through the kink to take the lead off me was clap worthy from where I was sitting. 

We weren't going to beat them - but a podium was definitely on the cards. Oh wells - if and buts for many others too. I'll be back for 2017 - was a mega event to compete in.


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