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996 - Repair Specialist Sydney (Airport)


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Absolutely years ago there was a guy at Alexandria (630 - 632 Botany Road).  I used to refer to him as 'Nick the Porsche Man'..  He used to service and tune my RX4..

I doubt he's still there though.!  I wonder what happened / become of him..? Anyone know who I'm referring to..

Maybe his shop is still there even..?

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Cheers for the input guys.

I happened to come across a guy in Botany, 2 minutes from work, who said he did Euro cars.

Went down and he had a shop full of P cars! - RS clone / 996 Turbos / Couple of 924's etc.

He had a look and said panel job only - Handy having him so near to work. Said he was Porsche trained originally.

Guys name is Con "Euro Automotive" and appeared to be a genuine bloke willing to give a hand without asking for or selling anything in return.


Just realized your after a Panel shop, in that case I suggest Ron Goodman, Exclusive Bodywork (02) 9760 0353

Thanks Robert. It is basically just a bumper respray. No splits or cracks etc. Even the gaps still looked alright!

I'll try the local guy Shannon's suggested for body work - My main concern was engine bay damage.

I'm a picky SOB so the car wont be coming home until its perfect...

Now off to make myself feel better and order some titanium wheel nuts!!


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