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Looked long and hard  and procrastinated a bit when looking at tip options on a 996 turbo.   Bang for buck for just tips,  these guys are right up their in options and looks and best cost across a few 911 marks.   http://www.speedtechexhausts.com/ast1_-_network_solutions_1_014.htm

I decided to stick to polishing up the OEM x54's (new replacement cost is a 2.5 to 4 multiplier over aftermarket ) to hide the not so shabbly Kline customised setup sourced from  RSHouse below. (refer to pic)

However, had a bit of trouble reconciling the post title and you restricting it to tips in the actual post.  Each to their own, but in the case of a 996 turbo, good looking tips (particularly artificial ones)  are over rated (eg Bit like artificial tits in that buyers need to be aware they get noticed, but fitment, alignment and longevity is not always the best and they can get rattled easy and loosen up and sometimes even leak).  You need to look at the entire exhaust as a package.  As I see it, a lot to be said about not giving away clues and sticking to OEM  tips  and not visually (even to the trained eye) being able to reconcile what is coming out of those stock tips in terms of increased rate at which those exhaust gases are being pushed out of the tips and the associated improved throttle response, butt dyno and actual dyno awhp increase, drop in rear end weight along with substituting that anemic stock exhaust note in a 996 turbo for a more toned and muscular note(no drone and not over the top)  both inside and outside of the cabin.  




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