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Anyone here a Glazier? (Melb)


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I had to google "low iron glass"  I've learned something new.  :)

Some things you wish you never learnt... 

If you ever go down Lygon St, heading up from Russel st, there's a park on the left which is Argile Square just before the 7/11. If you turn left down Argile pl, and left on to Cardigan St so now you're on the other end of the park. Opposite the park there's an apartment block we worked on, The whole facade is printed glass. Look carefully that it actually looks green. If it was low iron glass, it would have been white. 

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I recently fitted new frameless glass shower screens,  They're so green I'm waiting for them to rust now.

You'll be waiting a while

Here's a photo of 2 400x400 glass samples. Both painted white. One is standard float (left) glass and the other is low iron (right)



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