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928...what to look for


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I'm probably going where I shouldn't go, but....my dad had a 928 when I was a little tacker and they were the ones that first got me interested in Porsche, so I feel they're a car that I owe a nod to. That and their styling has aged incredibly well IMO.


Is it a matter of beware the high kms vehicle? There seem to be a few floating around with 300K plus on the clock. Are these cars a dangerous proposition that will empty the wallet in a flash? My understanding is these cars have a history of head gasket and cooling system issue but my knowlegde is very limited. I'm fairly budget conscious with this idea as it's more or less a bit of fun to me at this point but I'd be happy with a driver that I can simply enjoy on the weekends. 

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Robert Croucher Octane editor and long time Porsche owner said in a piece he wrote about Porsches about 5 years ago that Porsches were no more or less reliable than other makes - just more expensive.

Any old Porsche can empty your wallet in a flash. People always highlight the horror stories , forgetting a well maintained car is barely run in at 300,000km. 
The problems stem from age (rubber , electrics, head gaskets - nothing lasts forever) and deferred maintenance. Same thing with old Holdens and Toyotas.

The aftermarket supports 928s very well. Buy a good one and you will enjoy many smiles per mile,  and stand out in any Porsche gathering.
The best thing is the entry cost is low for an everyday useable vintage supercar. No other brand offers that.

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head gaskets can be an issue, but no more than any other car, keep coolant changes regular. Oil can enter the transmission from cracked plastic tanks in the radiator, again happens a bit in older plastic radiators. An external oil cooler is an easy and common fix.

Engines are pretty bullet proof as is the Mercedes auto.

They do have a lot of earthing points that can corrosion. Lots of fuses and relays to check.

I would say no more risky than any other classic and performance car. I am working through a small things on mine, a bit time consuming but nothing scary. Deferred maintenance is the worst thing for these cars.

Interiors can be costly to fix. Doors, front guards and bonnet is all .aluminium


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