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Alternatives for Alternator Fan Housing 3.0l


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Hey there,

I need some input which way to go..

The Alternator Fan Housing on my 3.0l engine is cracked everywhere and has been welded and cracked again..I need a replacement and I'm not sure what to get.

There are a few options...

-second hand (cheapest but probably short lived) 

-factory replacement (bit more expensive)  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Porsche-911-78-89-Alternator-Fan-Housing-Magnesium-New-Production-/232096710769?hash=item360a0ac071:g:9TYAAOSwTA9X8nbe&vxp=mtr

-aftermarket aluminium part ( very expensive)  http://www.sierramadrecollection.com/Alternator-Fan-Housing-911-930-74-83-p22906.html


I'd rather not buy something used ,especially since there is likely not an awful lot of money saved if I go second hand.


Does anybody have the aftermarket aluminium part? experiences,good,bad?

Thanks :-)



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For some years now we only buy & use the "EPS / Vertex Auto " all alloy ( matching pair of fan & housing ) through BWA in Sydney , less money and time as opposed by trying to buy it in from the USA  via airfreight etc 

Autohaus Hamilton may sell them as well ( not sure ? )


Bruce Buchanan
Buchanan Automotive 

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I looked into this some time ago and the ebay one was the cheapest available. One of the reproduction ones has got the manufacturers name cast into it so that it is rather prominent when fitted. Can't remember which one, but i know of at least one person who took a Dremil to it!

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