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Looking for a 993 stereo - Blaupunkt Munchen RD 104


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Hello all.

I am trying to find an original 993 stereo head unit. It is a Blaupunkt Munchen RD 104. It was standard equipment for the 993 with the HiFi option. It looks like the USA cars were delivered with Beckers so that massive second hand market is no good to trawl through. 

If anyone has one I am keen to buy it.

Thank you, 



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There are a couple on German eBay.

This guy says he'll post (doesn't mention whether international)



This one looks good, plays burned CDs (not sure if that's normal)



Let me know if you need a hand with translation.




I've also purchased from these guys before:


You could enquire with them whether they can get one for you.

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Not sure of the model number but this is what a 964 one looks like. 


I am looking for a 964 wireless. 

964 version should be a Blaupunkt Atlanta or Bremen I think.

But they look different to what you have in your manual; I think the 964 was shipped with a few different units depending on territory.



That is absolute gold Sustenpass. Thank you.

No worries, good luck


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I have bought it but it hasn't arrived yet. DHL from Germany. The bloke that I bought it off was a 100% ebay guy (396) and he only seems to deal in car stereo's so I am hoping, and expecting, a good outcome.

I will post when I have the unit.

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Hello Theo and Sustenpass.

Just getting back to you both. I have waited to reply until I had all the facts. The head unit arrived about a week ago and I took it down to Alex Minassian (Brisbane car stereo expert) today for a bench test. It has tested out perfect so a good outcome. Thank you again for your help Sustenpass.


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If you want some help with German listings, I can have a look for you.

That would be hugely appreciated. Exactly what Craig ordered please. 

If you ever need anything from dodgy Greek eBay I can help. ???

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I could only pull it off with Sustenpass's initial listing find. Language conversion was a challenge but we got there. The listing said no postage outside of Europe but after contact (converted to english), the bloke was happy to ship here. 

If you want to widen your search options, also look for a Blaupunkt Sevilla RD104. This came out in Mercedes etc at the same time and is almost identical to the Munchen. 

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Looks like the price depends on how period-correct you want to be. Blaupunkt 104 seems to cover a range of similar looking head units, differentiated by city name. Some with tape, some with CD decks.

9elf seems to have done well, current München offerings are all 300 euro and above


This fellow has the correct 104 München, and knows its association with the 993 and has priced it accordingly at 390 euro. He says it's been overhauled by a Blaupunkt technician and a new CD drive installed. Doesn't say if he'll post internationally, there's just the usual eBay option to contact him regarding postage.


Interestingly, he says the München replaced the London, and the CD player is less susceptible to bumps and now plays burned CDs. Whether you still play CDs is another matter.


Here's one for 300 euro. Says it was working before being removed from the car. Will post internationally pending prior agreement:



Here is a cheap one, seller says it's not been tested:




If you're not super fussy about 100% originality, here's some alternative Blaupunkts. Seller speaks English:





There seems to be quite a range of options, but basically if you go to eBay.de and type Blaupunkt 104 into the search you'll get a load of options. If something looks about right price and picture wise, let me know and I'll take a closer look at the ad. Many Germans speak good English too, so it may not be difficult to deal with them once you open communications.


It might be possible to change your location in your eBay account to search German listings, but with the interface remaining in English. I haven't tried, but it may be possible.




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