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Shannons results Sydney winter

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what is the feeling on the prices?

968 CS for 76k

356c for 110k

the 356 seems pretty good pricing for the buyer?


oh and why does an xw gtho cost the same as a xy gt?  I would have thought any ho outprices a regular ft any day.

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Hi Coastr, I think it shows there are still plenty of buyers out there for fair and honest cars

As for the XY GT vs the HO, the XY was, is and will always be the king over the XW, the XY is what everyone remembers and relates to, besides you have a nice but less desired colour in the XW HO vs the brochure colour in the XY....and the people buying these cars do like bright "showy" colours 

(and this is coming from someone that owned an XW GT)

Not having seen the cars up close, there may be other factors, like balance of survivor vs restored, history of each, there are so many reasons that could affect pricing, without knowing what the buyers all knew, it's hard to base much of a conclusion 

One thing for sure, the cost of restoring cars has gone up...drastically, not to mentioned the minefield of an industry it has become, so a well kept car as well as a well restored car will no doubt continue to be in demand

And now for the elephant in the room, the No "4" license plate !!! Foookharry Rug !! $2.5M :o

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