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Peter John

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Thought I would do a quick intro to becoming a financial member this week. 

After a quick post on here maybe 8 weeks ago, stating I was on the market for my first Porsche, I received 3 private messages and on the 3rd it seemed the right one! 

I purchased a 78 SC Coupe in yes, the colour red! 

A good honest car that a genuine person was looking to move on to attend to another car in the stable. 

A U.S. Car with a good conversion in the 90's, clean and tidy paint, mechanically ok and in my budget, well since taking ownership I cannot not take the long way home! 

I have been into early fords and never looked past them, I guess it is what you are brought up around that can infect you. The fear of not knowing enough about a porsche did make me move on from looking some 5/6 years ago, but now I've come to realise it's just research and time. But gee it's exciting thus far. 


Going from nursing a classic, street rod or vintage around a corner, braking 100's of metres before you're due- what was I thinking! It has always been about the style, the soul and the sensation- it still is, but gee this new car is such fun! 

Cheers to learning something new, and enjoying what these craftsmen built for us.


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Welcome and great choice. Some start with the engine in the wrong place for their first P car. But eventually end up with the right combination.

You have picked up one of the most bullet proof Porsches that have left the factory.

Enjoy it, take it to the track - that is where you will really understand your car and appreciate it.

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Thanks guys! Yeah learning the car is quite interesting- used to mild V8 or 6 and nothing of high horse power. Understanding these little cars and how to get them to sing, it's just a usable car, it's just great. And I've only just started. 


The SC seems to be a good starter- an all rounder?

PFA definitely looks to be a great and active forum in the short time that I have known of it. (Google searched porsche Forum only recently) ? What I have found is as much as I hate antisocial media, I have made a fair few friends from it in the car scene- it's great for sharing a happy snap- not that I like to show and tell to all. But like minded and interested people- well it's the soul and passion and not the show boat price tag. 


I have to work out how to post pics from  iphone.


Thought I would add today my journey was:

Mountain Hwy to Sassafras,

Sherbrooke to Kallista and Monbulk,

Silvan to Yellingbo - dodged two deer! 

Woori Yallock to Healesville to Yarra Glen,

Christmas Hills to St Andrews to Warrandyte

To Wonga Park and home! 

Lucky to be in the outer east!! 




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