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For SALE My fathers 1982 911sc 3.0

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Hi all,

Ive decided to part ways with my fathers 911sc.

Big decision for me but putting it up there to the community to see who's interested in making me an offer. Ive put a lot of heart and soul into her and getting it back to as best condition as possible so here she is.

You can read all about what i went through.  I couldn't of done what i did without the help of the Porsche community.

The history I have had with the car is all set out below. Prior to my dad owning it the complete service history past is unclear.

She did have a incident involving the front evaporator causing a fire. I have done what i can to breath life back into it and experience our childhood car on the road again.


What i do know is that I want her to go to the right home.


Ive spent the time safegaurding the car from any damage ever happening again electrically and the buyer will receive a large amount of stock that is related. turbo tie rods, air con parts, bits and pieces

Just to note on what has been done.

-Full respray

-Interior reco including trimming (Not the seats, have some material for it)

-New intrament buttons

-new/fresh carpet

-new headliner

-new timing chains, rails, cogs and oil fed tensioners

-timing set

-new leads

-Petrol tank flushed

-oil tank flushed

-no frunk carpet

-no service history past what i have done to it

-second engine car has seen which is a genuine stock 3.0 911sc replaced under insurance (VicPolice stamped)

-original engine damaged PO drove ontop of something damaging underneath



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