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Wanted: 924 Turbocharger


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So I sent my turbo in for a rebuild as part of my engine refresh. Turns out it has a few issues. 

It has a cracked turbine housing which has been welded and cracked again. Pretty much all these housings crack. but i need one that hasn't been repaired and cracked again.

Also my bearing housing seems to have a piece thats broken off it. Which means that need to be replaced also. 

To top all that the turbine to housing clearances are too big and needs a re-sleeve. but they cant machine the rear housing without guaranteeing it wont come apart because of the cracks.


So my question is. Does anybody out there have a Turbo for a series 2 924 lying around that they are willing to part with.

It seems any of the wreckers here that have them want me to mortgage my house for them with no guarantee of condition.

Any help or leads to helpful people would be appreciated.

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^ This does seem like a reasonable question.  A new turbo would be better performing, have parts availability and most people would never know the difference.  Maybe it's hard to match the housing / manifold for new turbos?   I get the originality bug but nobody thinks twice about upgrading a clutch or muffler - how important is it?

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On 13/04/2019 at 14:26, bear924 said:

The challenge with the 924 turbo is that the exhaust manifold is a three bolt pattern, where most turbos are four.  A different turbo isn't impossible, however will require some thinking.

all i'm hearing is that it's time for a twin scroll exhaust manifold



or if you wanted to be lame, pay an exhaust shop $50 to cut the flange off and put a four hole one on

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