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transaxle fluid

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On the final, stages of completing my clutch job, I hope. Before the transaxle goes back in I thought I would replace the transaxle fluid.

1988 944s non limited slip

checking the manual it states: 2.0 litres hypoid gear oil SAE80 API class GL4 (mil-L 2105)

reading a Rennlist discussion on the topic: they suggest in the US - Redline MT 90 (GL4) about 2.6 litres, full to the underside of the fill hole.

going in to my local Auto Barn they suggested from their data base: Penrite pro gear full synthetic  75W85 and it state GL4  

I do not know what is in there now and how old it is.

What does the brain trust recommend?

















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Superseded to 75w-90  GL5   , even in the Porsche ( printed by Porsche ) Technical specifications booklet for the 944S  87-88  , 944S2 89-91 , 944turbo 85-91 , printed Jan 1991 it states } 

75w - 90 GL5

OR  ( being late 1990 / early 1991 when written / printed  ) Porsche knew that 75w-90 was not easy to get in a lot of countries ( 29 / 30 years ago ) , so they still gave you the old choice of

SAE 80 GL4 

Bruce Buchanan
Buchanan Automotive


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Thank you Bruce, much appreciated.

Both Clarks Garage & the discussion on Rennlist fill to the underside of the fill opening, about 2.6 litres.

The original Porsche manual states 2.00 litres. 

Is the 2.6 litres for loss from leakage?

What quantity would you recomend Bruce?

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