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Engine builders? (Mid north NSW)


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I am restoring a 1978 911SC at the moment. I dropped the engine out this week to fix some bad oil leaks. After removing all the intake, exhaust and other pieces - I proceeded to replace the common bad gaskets and o-rings. At this point I discovered 2 of my lower (exhaust) head studs are broken. So unfortunately it's looking like a more serious rebuild, at least top end.

I'm considering doing this myself, but not sure if this is wise - as it would be my first build of this type of engine.

I live in Bellingen NSW (near Coffs Harbour), can anyone recommend any experienced 911 engine builders in the area? ...if not, I guess I could trailer it to one of the eastern cities.

I would also appreciate any advise from others that have had top end rebuilds done before and the associated costs?




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Hi Damien

Only 2 headstuds??? In a way you are lucky as this is a very common problem - but SCs are good & a DIY can handle it.

Suggest you first speak to Mike D'Silva in Brisbane who has recent relevant experience with an SC rebuild - and was (I think) seeking work.  0418 316 203




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If you're only doing top end and replacing head studs - it's pretty straight forward to DIY.
Just depends on what else you decide to do 'while you are in there'. 

I dropped my engine to replace a head stud and ended up rebuilding the whole engine.
The good thing about having someone else do it for you is that you'll probably be back on the road a lot quicker. 

Doing it yourself might take longer, but you'll probably save a lot of cash and learn a LOT along the way.

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