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Cutting review of F1 by Brundle


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Didn't disagree with anything he said.

When there is a level playing field I will watch every F1 race again because at the moment it's certainly NOT the best driver winning the championship.

Put manual shift gearboxes box back in and that will liven the racing up (yes I know that's not going to happen).

Put the same dollar limit on all teams and technical development and get rid of non safety drivers aids and we might get back to some interesting racing.

Let the driver win the race and not just the car (and dollars) and also make it mandatory that drivers don't get a free ride because daddy has some money. Let him earn it like everyone else.

I could go on but I think I've said enough to show my disappointment of the F1 I once loved and watched every race no matter what time it was on for years.

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