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FS - 3.6 motor

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Hi all,

I am selling my 3.6 motor which I used for IROC racing.  I'm sticking with the 3.9 I built for TCM hence selling.

It's a 3.6 based on a 3.2 litre case.  This engine has the best of everything.  I don't stuff around when I get motors done.

Yes its a race motor but still very tractable and able to be used on the road.  

It has GE80 cams, flowed and ported heads, fully balanced, GT3 crank, Pauter rods, high flow competition oil pump (this cost $3,500.00 alone ...),  lightwieght JE pistons, 46 IDA PMO's, 11.5:1 compression (runs nicely on 98 but does love a drop of the 102 ...), twin spark with single distributor (not 964 style), safely revs to 8000 rpm all day long (I should know ... 😄)   ... you get the drift ...

Dyno's at around 330+ bhp with a very fat torque curve.  It was built by Michael Garner at Autoart.  Its never missed a beat.  Oil and filter changed after every 2 races.  Feel free to call Michael if you want more detail from the man himself.

Selling complete from air box to exhaust ports (no headers or muffler).

Asking $35,000.00.  Everyone says it but ... you couldn't build it for that.

Ideal motor for that fast road car.

PM me if you're interested.

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Well, that didn’t take long ...

The donk is heading to other pastures.  

Sold today.  

Happy seller and a buyer who’ll utter a few “fark me’s” when he asks it the Big Question and takes it to 8000 for the first time.  

Now I can get Garner to show the 2.2S some more love.

Skunkwerks are getting there on the body and I’ve decided I’m not going full original spec but giving it some “sports purpose” flavour ... 

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