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928S 4 speed - any useful suggestions appreciated

Guss Guzzler

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I am the custodian of a 1984 928S which fell into my lap cheaply from a friend with 280k km on it. So I am still very much learning, go easy on me.  After sorting out some seriously frustrating fuel issues and going over most of the vehicle and getting rid of most the bugs, I have enjoyed 3 years of very much hassle free and enjoyable weekend driving, and almost daily driver for one year. The auto trans oil was filthy when it was first changed.. it had been flushed twice, filters changed.

I believe the last guy over-filled it. I lost R gear, and within 3 days, eventually all forward gears went. I removed the reservoir lid, and 2 litres of fluid spewed out. Is it possible that over-filling can destroy the box like this? or stop it working? I had read several times that these boxes are basically Merc-Benz internals and usually bulletproof??

But I presume i will be searching for a good second hand 4 speed auto, I was dealing with A-Porsche-A-Part until they went missing. Or searching for any tips on good mechanics or knowledge that may be useful. I am stuck at the moment and have no useful contacts. I am on the surf coast side of Geelong.  Any ideas, appreciated. Guss 0427999107

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In regards to the 928S ( 1984 ) auto transmission installing a bit too much auto oil will do nothing other than increase the normal for old age oil leaks / weeps from around the plastic filler bottle etc and nothing else , where as low on oil causes issues .  It would appear that your 38 + year old 928S ( most likely ) still has its 38+ year old auto transmission which is extremely good / long lasting & better still these were the very last ( meaning the 4 speed 928S /S4 / GTS  ) auto transmission/s that were meant to be overhauled / repaired  , because when you look at the Porsche PET ( parts list ) all the   " normal for last century only " parts that you would like to see are listed as spare parts , meaning bands , clutch packs , seals , etc , and even the less commonly needed hard parts are listed with spare part numbers  , where as the Tiptronic auto transmissions in the 968 and 964 / 993 etc you will notice that there are lots of parts ( like the clutch packs for example ) for the Tiptronic/Autotrans internals are not listed as spare parts .

Note } Installing 35 something + year old 2nd hand / 3rd hand auto transmissions is a real lottery

Bruce Buchanan
Buchanan Automotive 

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^I think that means it's probably going to work out better to get it repaired than try doing anything else.  Buying a used one that you can't test drive is a crap shoot and will take a lot of effort, and might fail just as soon.  And while rebuilding an auto like that might be expensive (depending on what's busted) - it's probably not as bad as you think.

The way I try and look at it when something like that happens to me is ; the money is gone - already claimed from your bank account under the category of 'repairs'.  All you can do is choose when and to whom it is going to.

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