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964 C2 Resto


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I figured it’s time to start a thread on the 964 restoration.

Have loved 911’s since I was a kid, have driven a few generations over the years, but never had my own.

The time was finally right to start the hunt for a project car, I started looking seriously in 2000, I had way too much time on my hands.

A newby to the Porsche resto game, with lots to learn, but eager and motivated to do the old girl justice.

I’d been looking for a C2 in need of some love, I was keen to build the car I wanted over a number of years, and it had to be matching numbers, manual in a colour from a list of blue, silver or green….I was hunting for a metallic colour, with contrasting leather interior.

I found the car in the UK, bought it sight unseen at auction, and shipped it to Melbourne earlier this year.

The car had a recently rebuilt engine with receipts, and docs back to birth…

This car was particularly attractive to me, ‘90 in Stone Grey Metallic, manual, matching numbers, paint in ok condition, some rust, D90’s, Flags, Sport Seats, Linen Leather, interior was very tired though.

Shipping went smoothly, I arranged the transportation from the auction house to storage, and shipping to Melbourne.

Collection day came around, I was pissing my pants!  My wife gave a mate and I a lift out to West Melbourne, and I finally laid eyes on her.  

She was exactly as expected, she fired right up despite the journey, cleared her lungs of the condensation collected through multiple climates on route, and off we went.

We blew an exhaust gasket on the way home, but otherwise, no problems.  She felt solid.

I was dying to know if she was straight, and have a look at the rust under the wheel arch liners, sil covers and such.  

When I got her up on stands with shoes off, the magnitude of the suspension rebuild required was obvious, all moving parts had to go, the rust was pretty serious, but I’d planned for that.

I was pretty stoked she was straight, rails were mint and rust was minimal under the arch liners.

I spent the next few weeks tidying up a few things, temp fixed the exhaust and removed her frown.

Installed a new front screen, and found some minor rust in the front Sil…removed any lose stuff and painted it with converter.  Planning a full glass out repaint down the track.

Installed new tail lights and centre light bar, aligned the engine lid, installed a brake light rear spoiler, repaired a jammed rear belt, gave her a detail, some new rubber, and fixed a few switches and the door striker alignment.

She’s just commenced a full suspension rebuild, more to come.

Any recommendations on interior restoration would be greatly appreciated.



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The boys down @nineauto have made some headway into the suspension rebuild, also doing some engine refurb, lines, rear brake refinishing and so forth.

Decided to go with KW V3s after some local recommendations.  I sourced lots of parts before the rebuild started, and the rebuild part list is also growing….lots of shinny new stuff going on once the rusty stuff is literally cut off, have never hydroblasted before, unbelievable results.

The state of rust on the suspension and lines is next level…it’s unreal people run these beautiful cars into the ground like this…feels good to see that stuff come off.

Tough to spot the new parts…






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Hey gronk…sorry for the tardy reply, I went with KW V3 suspension, but it’s been a full rebuild.

Literally all suspension parts have been replaced, largely with OE, with a sprinkling of Rennline….Front Camber Plates, Rear Monoball Tophats, and HD Ball Joints.

I wanted to build a street car, great stance is really important to me, but equally, I want to drive it, a lot, so I wanted a good balance between comfort/performance/ride height.

That meant staying away from all the really stiff bushes, adjustable links, aggressive engine and gearbox mounts, and shortened wheel carriers, big sways etc….figured I can look into that stuff later if need be.

Other work done has included a completely new oil cooling system, all hard and soft brake and fuel lines, and lots of engine bits’n pieces, but stopped short of a bottom end or top end thank goodness.

I was told it was rebuilt 5K miles ago, but the invoices and evidence look worlds apart…very sketchy.  Have been lucky with the engine so far regardless, it feels strong, good compression numbers from the leak down test…no smoke.  Had a minor hiccup with an engine case through bolt leaking, but that aside, I’m driving it with confidence which is great.

The boys @NineAuto have got the set up almost perfect, the stance is great, just enough camber, just need to play with the compression and rebound a little, and also see how height impacts the big bumps.  

I’m very new to all this, and told that 964’s do crash with big highway bumps with stock suspension, I’m wondering though if I lift her up a smidge, and play with the stock settings whether it might help a little?

If anyone has any tied and tested settings I’d be keen to give them a go…

Had a great run at Luftwasser last weekend, so thrilled with how she’s running.  It’s handling really nicely, very comfortable on most roads, but it’s so tight, I’m really happy.

It’s been a testing journey, I’ve had my moments, but a shout out to Tim, Ronnie and Will from Nineauto, they have been amazing to work with on this, great advice, very patient with me, and I’m very happy with the outcome so far.

I genuinely feel lucky to have my dream 964C2 in the garage, I love it, and find it so hard to leave it alone!






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