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Porsche ice drifting greetings from a colder part of the world

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Greetings all the way from Sweden :)

Here is hopefully an exotic introduction from my latest Porsche experience. I had the opportunity to try ice driving with amongst other a Porsche Panamera  and what an adventure it was! For me it was the first time trying on ice driving and I concluded my driving experience with three points: I haven’t had this much fun in a while, I learnt a lot about how to handle a car and lastly, why didn’t I try this earlier? Happy to share a link to a video from the ice driving, hope you will like it, find the tips from the instructors useful and enjoy the wonderful winter landscape 😊  



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Great to see that you had fun. I went to Porsche Camp4 in Finland in 2016 and I have to agree that ice driving is the most fun you can have sitting down. Indeed, it was more fun than any track day that I have ever done, anywhere! Year after year I have been meaning to go back but annoyingly "other stuff" has always got in the way. For those of you who haven't tried it, just do it!   It's a lifetime memory!




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