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996.2 Exhaust.


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Hi folks,

looking to upgrade my exhaust for a better "Cup" style note.

Already have Fabspeed Maxflow mufflers which are relatively quiet, but thinking about extractors and high flow cats.

What's your thoughts and suggestions? 

Cheers Norm.


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Thankyou! Will extractors make much difference? 

Maybe to the flow as opposed to the standard headers, Which would probably be handy on a race engine, but hardly worth it on a daily, As the mufflers or lack of them is what controls the sound produced. 

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You might also want to look into Cold Air Induction if you want improved noise 

I fitted a cold air induction system to my car:


Personally I think there is no performance improvement from CAI and it's snake oil when they claim it,  However the induction noise sounds great.

I have a full sports exhaust system on my 996 which makes a nice noise, even with that system adding the CAI added a really nice additional noise when accelerating hard with negligible increase at highway cruising speeds.

If what you are after is improved noise with a louder more aggressive cadence then I would be looking at your mufflers, changing the baffles within them can increase or decrease noise and reputable shop should be able to give you options and then I would look at CAI.

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