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All Carrera GTs effectively taken off the road for a year


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Courtesy of: https://9werks.co.uk/

All Carrera GTs effectively taken off the road for a year

Developments to an existing recall notice effectively takes all Carrera GT cars off the road for at least 12 months with immediate effect


The Carrera GT recall fiasco rumbles on with owners now effectively told they can’t drive their car for at least a year, 9WERKS understands. 
As was widely reported earlier this year, around a third – 489 – of Carrera GTs were issued with recall notices to inspect spherical joints connecting the wishbone suspension components on the front and rear axles, which may apparently fail due to mechanical stress or corrosion.
Those reports explained Porsche planned to inspect the parts potentially affected with the hope of being able to clear each car for driving until replacement parts became available.
However, Porsche has since issued a ‘stop use’ notice to owners affecting ALL Carrera GT owners worldwide, with the company now seemingly deciding on a blanket replacement of concerned parts on every one of its V10 supercars, no doubt out of an abundance of caution.
There is a plot twist, though: it also appears owners have been advised the replacement of these parts will not commence until Q3 of 2024, effectively taking all Carrera GTs off the road for at least the next 12 months. And that’s just for those examples which Porsche gets into its workshops first…
In the UK at least, some owners are conflicted on whether to adhere to the lengthy stop drive notice or not. After all, if the car has a valid MOT certificate, it is deemed legally roadworthy and fit for purpose. However, some insurance companies have advised owners that due to that stop drive notice from the manufacturer, they cannot insure the vehicle for road risk. 
So, unless an owner is prepared to undertake significant personal risk – or Porsche ups its game with wait times – it looks like the howl of the Carrera GT’s searing V10 engine is to be silenced for some time, in the UK and elsewhere.
9WERKS has asked Porsche Cars Great Britain for comment.
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