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Hi Guys,

October - The Footy will be over Spring is here,so their is no excuse. How about a half day (5-6 hr) run through the hills to the north.

Suggest Oct 17th / 10th or even the Saturdays.Let's have a few Red's this time rather than the one's going silver or gray !!!

Go Pies !!! Cheers, 9fan.

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Sounds good.

I'm in.

Where do we actually mean though.

North could be Shepparton or Wangaratta not as interesting IMHO as the hills off to the right. Maybe even Licola down in Gippsland that's a pretty good run. Not too much interest down there either from the people that we wouldn't want interrupting our enjoyment. If you know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

What say you?


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Hi Guys,

17th Oct it is ! 5 starters so far. Start 0630 Mc Donalds 740 Burwood Hwy Furntree Gully.

All times Approx (Stage 1)1.5 hrs to Breakfast.(Stage2) 2.2 hrs to Coffee.(Stage 3)1.3 hrs to outer Melb.

Anyone can break off at end of Stage1/2, if on a leash or get a call from the Midwife.

For those who came on Jan 17th Targa we finish the way we went out on that run (Downhill all the way)!

Go Pies, and don't make it as easy for them this time !!!

Cheers, Mark

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Hi Everyone,

Im new to the forum and would love to come on the 17th October.

My wife is expecting our second child on the 31st so unless we have a early arrival ill be there!!!



Welcome along Danny.

Good to see another IB'er

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Thanks 9fan for a fun drive.

Yet again, the weather gods have not been kind to us.

Damp drizzly morning, with the very occasional dry patches.

Am looking forward to the summer (read DRY) SMT.


Danny spoke highly of Tasmanian drive experiences. Full on 7 hours per day of driving. Could be the ultimate PFA weekend targa!! :o

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