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17" Turbo twists.

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Have these on my car while I build another set of wheels. I have no interest in them just on may car so I can still drive it.

I thought I'd offer them here first before Ebay and the other normal haunts.

Offset fits widebody 911 with spacers so I'd guess they would also work with N.B cars. If your keen and want to check for your self (as I would encourage) here are the sizes and offsets below.

Front tyres are new with maybe 100klms on them rears are about 70% but will check. If you want to try them on for size I'm ok with that if you come to me. 



7.5 x 17

ET 15


9 x 17

ET 23


Look like this.






Asking 700ono.


0429UNCLEH   (No really that is my number)

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I'm pretty sure they fit my early offset 944 (is yours a late offset Corki ?).


I'm in Bathurst, I'd grab them off you if we can make the logistics work, I'll be in Newcastle with the land rover on the June long weekend (and I'd love an excuse to come check out that silver beast  :) )

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Well done,

I hope its who I am thinking otherwise I will look even more stupid........

Now let me know when/if you want to get rid of FR's.......

Probably too big but would be fun trying!

Hope to see you and your new car soon Martin.

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