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[QLD] Cars & Coffee Brisbane Saturday 5th of September

Cars & Coffee Brisbane

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Awesome original Rx2 coupe


A ferrari you don't see every day


AMG Benzes, meet your grandpappy



Slant nose convertible (for sale as well)


GTR - a real crowd magnet


Stock looking but ported 13b running 48 IDA webber ... on skinny wheels!


Mid-engined, French, Turbo, RED - what's not to love?


I'm sure the official photographer has better quality images :)

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Capella was the Japanese name in the way they always have different names for domestics.  But for some reason Australia got the Japan name with the original Capella.  The rotary engined model was a Capella RE.  The Capella name was used right up until the end of the 626 and the introduction of the 6.  For whatever reason, when they released the following model they started calling it a 626.

Australian rotary fans have always called it an rx2 despite the clear lack of badging. Most people just pull off the Capella badges and leave the RE  badges.  Just to differentiate between the piston engine models.  Some people track down a set of rx2 badges and fit them.  The car in the photos is obviously ex- Japan so hence Capella RE badging the same as we got.

here is a photo stole from the inter webs showing one with rx2 badging


Having said all that, I can't think of the last time I saw a 626 or piston Capella. They used to be everywhere.

i apologise to all the rotary lovers out there, I helped restore and subsequently destroy an original rx2 4 door, that was eventually hauled away to the dump.  Another vin gone forever, and it wasn't that bad, but they had zero value in the day.

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