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Interior Rear View Mirror problem 997.1


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Looking for any advice.

My 997.1 interior auto dimming rear view mirror has developed an issue.

It has an oblong shaped distortion inside the lens probably something to do with chemicals inside the lens.  The car was idle for 2 weeks parked in the garage and fine when I last drove it so not a heat issue.

The OS forums would indicate this is not an uncommon problem and probably needs the mirror replaced.

I called PCBrisbane and the spare parts dude claimed to never have replaced a mirror in Australia and not seen the problem.

The real problem is that PCB want $998.00 to supply a mirror.

Wondering if anyone on the forum has had a similar experience and if there's a cheaper option.  Pic attached.




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Hey Steiny

I had the same issue with the rear view mirror on my Audi S4.  A mob called Gentex make a variety of shapes in the auto-dim type, and I bought one ($99 if I recall correctly) and was a reasonably easy replacement for the Audi one.  Here's a link to some on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/gentex-auto-dimming-rearview-mirror



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And if that fails to work out for you buy one online from the States ,,,,,I think we all agree Australian dealers are some what overpriced ,,,,You could even pick one up second hand on ebay ,,,take your time look for the best option ..........Good Luck :)

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Thanks guys.

Bob, as I understand it Audi and Porsche share the same part.  The trick is to find one with the same mount that matches wiring and plug for electrics.

Raven - been surfing US sites for a replacement.  The usual suspects (Pelican, Suncoast) don't seem to hold them.  I think the trick is to identify the supplier, which seems to be Gemtex and buy direct.  Will continue with eBay.  Great advice.


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On which car Chris? And when did the 356 appear on the scene? Info please..............................

1994 993....again. Just fixing up some "small" issues from the previous rebuild. I think it's gold plated now. 

356.......hoping the 993 can make way for it in the garage. Arriving Feb 

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tis a deal, Mr Steiny. And you can spot me for my engine rebuild. 


For future reference in case anyone else has the same problem:

Contacted Scott at www.radar-mirror.com who will repair my mirror for A$99 + $43 postage.

Problem solved.


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