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Best Headers for 1979 911 SC 3.0 litre engine


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Hi Guys, Looking to upgrade the original Heat Exchanges with a set of performance headers ( Do not want the Heat at all) I will keep the Sports exhaust which is a stainless 3" twin out. No idea what brand. Engine has new 964 Cams and High Compression Pistons. Currently being rebuilt at DHM Auto Brisbane


Any help would be appreciated.



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SSI's are probably the go to setup, tried and tested.

i have B&B headers with heat on a 3.0. They moved the torque curve up the rev range and made the car far more free revving. I wouldn't recommend the B&B mufflers but the headers work nicely although a bit hard to get on and off with the heat boxes.

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Back in the day, Porsche sold factory racing headers for the 911SC.

There are photos of them in Bruce Anderson's 911 Performance Handbook on page 144.

The book says they are part number 911.111.049.00 (left) and 911.111.050.00 (right), and that they were used on the 911SC RS.

The book says they were equal length 3 into 1 racing headers with a pipe inside diameter of 42 mm.

I did a search for that part number from the book and there was only one match - this post ...


You can view that page from Bruce's book here if you want to see what the factory ones look like ...


They are very hard to find but I have seen a set on a car in Australia.

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