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Factory Wheels Back onto my 997


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When I got my 997 it came with some fancy after market 20" wheels. Ive somehow always preferred the "boring" factory wheels, just looks much better to me, plus I don't like messing about with certain things and like leaving some things like they were when they left the factory. 

Ive also heard how the wrong sized wheels/tyres can cause the diff on the AWD system to overheat as it gets confused, potentially causing other serious issues. Plus, with 20" wheels, the idea tyre size I'd have needed at the rear would have been 325/25/20, which seems very hard to source in Australia in the form of Michelin PSS.

So back to standard I went, and I am much happier with the way it looks/drives/feels.

Plus I won't have to go and see my Chiropractor every other day anymore due to having a thicker sidewall. Below are some quick snaps off my phone. 






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When you read about the Porsche engineering decisions that revolve around wheel size you realize the best size wheel for your car is the one they came with...

Eg. they know there are performance gains from bigger wheels, but the entire car needs to be redesigned around that. While parts of the shell of a 996 & 997 look similar, there are huge engineering differences underneath - all so it could actually work with 19's that the 996 "couldn't".  

Good call!

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