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Now thats a Toy in the right colours


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That is really, really nice, and a pretty reasonable price (not that I know what a Marcos is worth) but it just looks like a nice car for $36k. Does anyone know wht type of 3.0 litre the engine might be?  Shame about the sunroof or it might be suitable for a daily driver, would turn some heads :) 

 That is begging to be slammed with bigger wheels etc

Lowered about 3 inches with a black set of 19 inch simmons wheels, that's how I'm seeing it Lee

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Do we have any photoshop heros ??? I might buy it , we need a mockup of that vision

Im squinting and using my imagination … its nearly like this but at the price of a set of wheels and a reseal for a A/C porsche 







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I cant work out what the motor is



But surely you would expect more carbies



might have to get my tyre kicking boots on when im in sydney for the PFA grub fest if its still there in a couple of weeks


This was on the Shannon Auction page where it sold for 26k 



I wonder do you get a Chippy around to tune the wood chassis , I wonder what the fibreglass is like ?? Lets hope it is the ford 3L like you say Taz


Marcos was founded in 1959 by Jem MARsh and Frank COStin,in 1961 Costin left Marcos And Denis Adams took over as stylist working with his carpenter brother Peter. The cars were a big hit with the in crowd during the 60s and 70s with the likes of film director Sam Wanamaker, Rod Stewart and many other celebrity's enjoying ownership. The Marcos evolved from the race track and is a true drivers car. The basic design endured for more than three decades and evolved to cope with over 500bhp. The first five years saw the Marcos produced with a wooden chassis after which a more conventional tubular steel space frame was used. Wood was a much misunderstood medium, it is light, simple to repair, very strong and has an important degree of flexibility. The first steel Marcos chassis were more prone to rot away than the wooden structures they superseded. The pedal box is adjustable via a dial inside the car to accommodate more leg room. Marcos power plants changed over the years to include the Volvo B18,Ford 1500 and 1600, Ford 3 litre V6,Triumph 2.5 six, right up to the later years using a Mustang V8 developing over 500hp.

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That is definitely a Ford Essex V6. You can see the 2 rocker covers, 6 leads coming off the dissy and the weber carb sitting in the middle.

I don't think this car should have a wooden chassis because they were stopped in 1966. The cars with them used to be worth significantly more. 

These cars are pretty cool and special. I haven't driven one for the best part of 25 years, but they were the best of that era of small specialists manufacturers of British sports car which included the likes of TVR. They are just pure fun to drive, but in a very different way to a Porsche. Lots of back end stepping out and opposite lock, but in a very predictable way that means the cars are just begging to be thrown around. I believe they are very popular in the Historic racing scene in the UK.

If it wasn't for the Porsche in the garage and the reaction of "The Boss" (it's the car or me type attitude I think is so unreasonable;)), I would buy it assuming it is sound. It's slightly over priced compared with the UK, but all things considered, I think it is an OK price here in Oz. I would go through the car with a fine tooth comb (I am not sure I like the look of the 2 wet patches you can see under the car in one of the photos!) but the good news is that they are pretty easy to work on and because they were built by raiding the arts bin of mainline British car manufacturers, I suspect parts shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Overall, if the condition is OK, I don't think anybody would regret buying this car

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