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early 911 tyres


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for the pre IB cars

what tyres are you guys using

eg 185/70r15

michelin xwx are 570 plus 20 for fitting from antique tyres and an 8 week lead time

p6000 not available in australia. available from tirerack $180 plus shipping circa $400 for 4 in stock

demontweeks has v70a for $180 plus shipping and a 49 day lead time

some van tyres in a 195 or 205 profile

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I've got skinny vredsteins on my stock 65.  Michelin 205/60 on my hotrod 73.

How do you intend using the car?

driving to the shops and home or to work and home or around the hills

some of the van tyres listed are R os S rating. Pirelli are W. Seems a bit concerning and maybe not suited for a 911 (granted we dont drive that fast)

ebay italy has some N1? p6000 for under $400

my concern is whether 205 or 195 will rub with anything or cause any issues compared to 185

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