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78 930T & 88 3.2 Journey Into The Unknown


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Now residing in Melbourne all the way from Trump Land ( lucky the wall wasn't there to stop these )

Adventurine Green 1978  930T &  One owner 1988 3.2 Carrera in Guards red . 



These are my father in-laws so I will update this thread on the semi resto or plans that will take place with these two as I try to snag the red one out of his hands daily

Unsure on what he wants to do but the evil word "conversion " has been thrown around . Either way should be a very fun journey as i will try to document everything we / he does .  As is both cars drive pretty well / Turbo better than well . 

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There are plenty of LHD AC 911s on the road these days.  Owners say the relative narrowness of these cars, compared to modern cars, mean the LHD is not too much of an issue.

LHD owners say the pedal position is much more comfortable.

I say drive as is before making any final decisions, but if it was me keep them as they are, put the conversion money into performance upgrades, and if one day you go to sell the conversion conversation won't have to be had

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