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Wheel Fitment Help Requested


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I have a narrow body 1975 911 that has steel wide guards. The car is currently sitting on 16x9 ET16 rears but not entirely sure of the fronts but PO advised 16x8's. The current rims are Fuchs Xenons (Japan) which I believe to be ET23 up front or thereabouts (not sure if anyone can confirm) as I have yet to locate the actual offset of the front rims. From what I can see the rears are on 2" spacers and the fronts 1"..

I have my eyes on a couple of sets of AJR 3 piece rims for the car. They are both 18" rims.

The first set on offer is 18x8 ET22 & 18x10 ET15 and ad states they are "suitable for most porsches from 70-85 that run low offsets"

The second set is 18x8 ET42 & 18x9 ET45 and ad states they are "suitable for most porsches from 86-07 that run high offsets"

Will either of these actually fit my car with or without current spacer set up? I get really confused trying to work this stuff out. I've seen a post with different "tight" & "easy" fits posted on the forum before but I still don't really get it. If somebody can dumb it down for me before I make an expensive mistake that would be great. In the meantime I'll try to confirm my front wheels for absolute certain..


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With spacers, your current setup is 16x8 -2 and 16x9 -34.

Try this site for any future wheel choices.


It depends on what kind of fitment you want. So I'd say have a play with the link above.

The first set will fit, with or without spacers.

The second set will not, offset is too high. G bodied cars can take low offset wheels and imo aren't wide enough for a widebody car.

Factory was 8 +23(?) And 9+15(?) For the 930. Fuchs+wheel+offset1168833827.jpg

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IF you can find the offsets of your original wheels, then the calculators will help. It should be at the back of the wheel somewhere. Or if you know the rear ones, you can put them at the front for reference. 

I like this calculator. - http://www.willtheyfit.com/

You'll need the lower offset wheel if you have a wider body on it. 

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Thank you for all the comments. I work nights and posted before I went to bed so sorry for the late response. As long as the the first set will fit I'm happy. Looking for an aggressive fit that sits wide in the guards. I'm presuming spacers will stay. See how we go. Next will be Tyre sizes but might leave that up to the shop that fits them..

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According to the 1010tyres calculator going by the current setup vs proposed option 1 I get:

EXTEND an extra 14mm outward at rear
12mm reduced inner wheel to strut clearance 
EXTEND an extra 1mm outward at front
1mm more inner wheel to strut clearance
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