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Question on value of Pre A Continental


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Hi everyone.

911's I'm good at. 

356's not so much.

I've got a 61 T5B that's been rat rodded but that just makes me "passionate".

I'm looking at a 55 Continental. Hoffman delivered. Verified matching numbers.  Older resto.  Little history. 

Any feedback on what the real world price might be/ought to be?


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There are only 3 that I know off. One is owned by Murray/Peter Swanson and another white one which I can't recall the owner's name

Skid, are you talking about the green one in Carnegie? I think it is owned by Robert Lakelan

From memory, couple of years ago, he was asking $225k. When I saw it at his qld home, it was still dismantled. He was going to send it to someone in Melbourne to put it together for him

Any Pre A in a decent condition would demand $150k+ as a minimum. Aussie delivered continental would be well about $200k. Again in good condition. If it required major repairs, well deduct what you believe the repairs will cost

Originality will make a deference of course. Does it have its 16" wheels? Is it a genuine continental? Does it have its fat back seats? etc etc

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