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2019 Nurburgring 24hr


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 Watching on YouTube. Bonkers place! 

 The quick cars having to dodge the huge amount of the lesser classes is just mad! Just watched a GT4 slam into a guard rail making a helluva mess, yet sensibly only local caution and not a full course yellow with a safety car which is how all races should be. 


 An amazing battle between a couple of lead Porsches with inboard footage. The grip those cars have, not to mention massive cojones the drivers possess is just amazing 

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Yeh itsa bonker race 158 cars started last night in 3 groups ,,,,,with in two laps the top running teams catch the amature racers ,,,,No safety cars only local yellows with 60kph speed limits ,,,yeh its one unique event that the OHS madness has limited input ...Australia s Matt Campbell is competing he did the opening stint ,,,in a red and white Porsche Cup R 991 .2 currently 3rd

Live timing


At moment Manthey Porsche leading 



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 Yeah, big fan of Matty. 

 Was watching the Manthey Porsche battle, and they came upon a Cup Car. The speed difference between them and the RSR is phenomenal!  I've watched track days there before, but not factory drivers dicing. Their reaction times when coming up on a group of backmarkers is on another level. Buggered if I'd wanna race there! One commentator who is racing there said ''Its a place you kinda look forward to racing at, yet it's scary and you're relieved when its over. Then you want to go back!" Err...no thanks

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I Have a rennlist member I talk to online who is competing is a #151 in BMW 325 still going in position 103 ........Amature weekend racers in the mix with top Pro teams ,,crazy stuff ...........love it 

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5 hours ago, Raven said:

Phoenix Audi get the win ,Manthey lost it in the penalty box ..


911 Mr had it in the bag until they they had a 5min penalty for going too fast through yellow flags, this EAS easily an oversight and error by driver. 

Damn shame!! 

"The lead gap was coming down but not fast enough! Vanthoor in control – he pushed to the line to start the final lap, the Manthey Porsche slowing to take the checkered flag – the Audi will win by a lap after the Porsche dominated utterly until getting the 5:32 penalty.

Franck Stippler will win his second N24 – Pierre Kaffer a first after finishing second here twice, and first wins too for Dries Vanthoor and Frederic Vervisch"

Top 10 Overall
#4 Phoenix Audi
#911 Manthey Porsche
#3 Black Falcon AMG
#14 Car Collection Audi
#12 Manthey Porsche
#18 GetSpeed AMG
#33 Falken BMW
#705 SCG 003C
#5 Phoenix Audi
#45 Kondo Nissan

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Yes I saw them take the penalty and decided to call it a night I figured they would make it up in the last two hours as the Audi needed to pit before the Manthey Porsche and they were still in it with a High chance of victory  ,,,to my shock this morning on checking the results things didn,t go that way and they achieved a second place .

That,s racing :)

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