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Financial Calculation - Help!!!!!

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OK you Excel and other wizzes out there.  It's 40 years since I did the mathematics of finance as part of my accounting degree, and I'm stumped on how to do a calculation I need.

Basically, I have several quotes for financial returns / cost savings for solar systems for the motor museum I'm a director of.  Of course, none of the calculations from the different submitting companies use the same base, so I'm trying to bring them back to a common base for comparison purposes.

One calculation uses a 25 year period with a 3% increase pa in cost to arrive at a total Power Bill saving of $173,669.  

Can anyone help me work out what the cost in the first year would be (i.e. payment 1)???  Or point me to which Excel function will work this out??



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Would it be correct to assume that all 3 installers are installing the same size system? In that case the power output and usage would be the same for all of them, so your only difference would really be initial plus ongoing maintenance costs .... as for the savings over 25 years that will very much depend on the buy back price of electricity and how reliable the system is. So is the difference I. Saving not just reliability? Ideally ask all of them to provide you the numbers for 5 or 10 years...

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a cheap 6.6 kw package , say Jinko/Goodwe , most likely will pack up within 10-12 years , and produce probably $500 less per year. The performance breakdown is much quicker and these panels are crap under clouds and overcast conditions. You want to look for Monocrystalline 450 watt Twin Blade  , Half cell and PERC technology panels ' Longi , Q-cell , Seraphim are the better brands. Inverter wise you want to stick with SMA or Growatt , low start up voltage and high efficiencies. All of this and more will effect your outcome. You can sign in/up with Pylon observer , a program designed to show your returns etc. If you message a power bill , i could send a report to you. Cheers.

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