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Independent throttle bodies v standard intake 964


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Without the supporting mods they aren’t likely to make any more power, in fact you will likely lose midrange, but they will sound the bomb. I have had a 964 3.6 with both the standard intake and gone ITB’s. The itbs didn’t really come to life until I did a 3.8 build with a good set of cams, custom heads, stepped tube headers etc. essentially all the in and out pathways. To get the beat out do them you need an engine built to rev and flow. 

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Agree with the above. My limited understanding and experience, is that ITB's allow you to run more cam.. which of course you need pistons that allow for the extra lift and duration too.. (cutouts).

When I first built a 3.0 motor totally stock (cams, 8.5:1 pistons and stock heat exchangers and muffler) but used itbs, it produced 194.6 rear wheel hp... that which to me suggests it was a tad stronger than a completely stock motor. However, of course, there are variances between dyno accuracy so perhaps it was just in my mind!


carrera 3 dyno 194hp.jpg

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