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lights brake and indicator


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I have a 1977 911 Targa 2.7L.

Suddenly I have no brake lights and no indicators.

Headlights are OK high/dimmed, parkers OK and also when off using indicator arm, emergency flasher works OK and all light flash, so the bulbs are fine and the wiring is good.

Dash lights are OK and everything electrical works fine and car starts and runs well.

I'm thinking the flasher unit may be the problem.

Any suggestions welcome.



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 I had a similar problem 6 years ago, and as much as it sounds weird, but check your wiring behind your tacho and speedo, as I'm told they're all linked and has been the problem in the past. Had an old school sparky have a look for 3 hours and he couldn't work it out. Mine all work, but the directional indicator lamps on the dash, only the left one works and is very faint, and touching the brakes lights up the left front parking light (as found by the rego inspector who told me to just disconnect it and still passed me). Also, I know when my brake or tail light is out, as the interior light works and vice versa.

 Gotta love electrics, yet I'd say your flasher unit is toast if everything else works ok

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Well, thanks again to everyone, but here is a story!

Indicators not working was a shock, as I had thought they were (had checked with stop lights a couple of weeks ago).
What happened behind me when I went out driving a couple of times doesn't bear thinking about!
I put the query up on PFA and P-Kay wrote that both things are hooked to fuse 11.
SOOOOO, I went out to double check, and the fuse was definitely OK,
I found that it could rotate easily but still in contact.
Being very quick!!, I took it out and bent the bottom contact up some and refitted the fuse.
Bingo, everything is back to normal.
Over the years, I have had a problem with the indicator lights not lighting up in the speedo except when it was a weird saints day or something.
No surprise, but now that I tightened the fuse, the indicator lights in the speedo light up beautifully.
So the fuse has been loose all these past years, no doubt, and finally let go enough to cause the lights to stop working too. (no pun intended).
Thanks again everyone.


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