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Tyre recommendations for DD.

Jason E

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Hello Illuminati,

Quick tyre recommendations please for daily driver Golf GTI (mk5).

I have Michelin PS2's on the 996 & they're great but not great longevity.

I've been quoted PS4's = $209.  Michelin Primacy 4 = $219.  Yokohama ES32 = $157          Pirelli Dragon Sport $ 169 (+ $100 cashback).

Thoughts/ other ideas ????


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I put Primacy3's on the missus' e39 wagon a few years back and they've been great.  I also had PS4's (not PS4S) on my A4 Quattro and they were amazing.  I even seemed to be getting surprisingly good mileage out of them when it got hailed into touch.  I was always dubious about Michelins because they were often much more expensive than anything else and I thought it was all in the name, but I am totally converted.  When the PZeros are gone on the 996 I'll hope to be able to find a suitable PS4 or similar.

For a daily and if you're not terribly fussed about the last bit of grip I'd suggest Primacy's TBH, grip is still impressive on the modestly powered auto 530iT and they're also damn good in the wet.  I'm getting punched hard in the arm before they break loose.  :D  If you want a bit more sporty go PS4, they still wear quite well.  Powerful FWD is hard on tyres though, suspension needs to be tip-top, find a really good alignment place and if same sizes swap front to rear every 5-10k.

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