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My Cayenne delivery & some other pictures...

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It's been 6 months since I took delivery of the Cayenne - and every time I'm back in Sydney, the drive is as excellent as the last. I've clocked up nearly 3000km and when I'm back in Singapore (for work), the Cayenne is plugged up to a trickle charger to keep its Li-Ion battery ticking. It's a less than ideal situation, but hey, a man's gotta work and earn his keep...


This last photo is a simple eBay modification I did to the Cayenne's key fob. I like the Gulf Livery but would never be caught dead slapping it on as a wrap on the Cayenne, so I swapped out the key fob's bolsters instead. Behind that is the Tag Heuer Carrera Porsche watch I got to go with the Porkers in the garage (I'm expecting delivery of the 911 GTS in the middle of the year, fingers crossed!)


Thanks for reading, and thanks for letting me share my joy!



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Finally, after 18 long months of waiting, the GTS has landed! I ordered both cars at the same time, the Cayenne came 1/2 a year after the order, the GTS took another year from that time to arrive. I'm just so happy it's finally here. Took it to Ozicozi for a wrap (and did the Cayenne at the same time too - thanks, Andrew!), and got some bits added to both cars... Thanks for letting me share my joy!

Added the side stripe to the Cayenne....


And added some highlights in red to the GTS, to go along with the red calipers...


And both cars, parked in the garage ... I'm a contented man... sigh.

Side by Side.jpg

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