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Revised colour naming

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I have described my interior as "Grandpa Grey" for some time now, to accurately reflect it's fall from fashion.  However I thought some others deserved the same treatment and wanted to start a list, and give others the opportunity to reflect upon what possessed generations past to pick their pallette.

Graphite Grey is now "Grandpa Grey"

Savanna Tan is now "Trade-in Tan"

any others? should I see myself out?

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Somewhat of a tangent but I went on a Google adventure the other day to try and figure out what the “dark grey” 996 interior looked like versus the “light grey” …

I always thought there was just one grey to be honest and it was “graphite grey” (or grandpa grey if you insist 😂) but I found the yank forums talking about “space grey” and then  basically found a whole stack of search results where people used those terms interchangeably and I ended more confused than I started. 

Also doesn’t help that how light or dark it looks depends a lot on the photo. 

In the end, the code I had was “BA” and I think that’s dark grey and if the first letter of that code started with a “C” it would be light grey.

Does that fit with your car?

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