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Following the restomod of my 964 (see elsewhere in this forum - RUF Hot Rod), I have quite a few parts no longer required.

The car was a Japan import Tiptronic with 103,000 km showing.

Available Parts:
1. Brake Calipers - full set Front & Rear - fully operational and in good condition (if you want the rotors, you get them for free)
2. Front Suspension complete (less Control arms) - yes I retained the control arms for my build, but everything else included.
    Struts, Springs, Strut Mounts, Sway Bar, Drop Links, Dampers, Wheel Carrier Uprights, Tie Rod Ends etc.
    Straight and in fully serviceable condition.
    Rear suspension dampers + rear sway bar + drop links are also available.
3. Full Exhaust system - from exhaust manifold to exhaust tip - mufflers (primary + secondary), catalytic converter, heat exchangers,
    exhaust tip - the full system.  Honestly in V. good condition.
4. Original Pistons and Barrels (full matched set removed and correctly stored (in sets)  from the 3.6 litre engine + Con Rods 
5. Complete inlet tract (yes from Air Cleaner to Inlet Port) - the car is a 1991, so the inlet plenums are the "plastic" variety and the
    throttle body the "late" type - I will only sell this as a complete inlet system.
6. ECU for engine - again was off a fully running car appears to be completely A1 + ECU metal shields (as bolted under seat and
    above ECU for dust protection.
7. Front Fog Lights - undamaged and in A1 condition + Indicators / Reflectors + "In-Fill" pieces
8. Original Headlights - undamaged and in A1 condition
9. Original Oil Cooler - undamaged and in Serviceable condition
10. A/C Parts - Condenser + Evaporator + Brackets
11. Dual Distributor + Dual Coil Pack + Leads = SOLD.
12. Tiptronic Transmission - Complete including ECU  (car only did 103k km and was fully functioning prior to project) even have the oil lines to front of car + transmission oil cooler (No Photos, but available if required)

I have not priced these as to be honest I have not researched the pricing.  Upon receipt of reasonable offers, I will check prices and respond to each enquiry promptly.

I will take reasonable offers as I really would like to see these go to good homes (and prevent clutter in my garage).  Yes you can post offers directly to this forum or PM me.

If you have any other part request - let me know as I may have it available



Image B.jpg

Image I.jpg

Inside B.jpg

Intake Complete A.png

Intake Complete B.png

Intake Complete C.png

Intake Complete D.png

Intake Spares A.png

Oil Pump.png

Oil System Union Pipe B.png

Oil System Union Pipe.png

Starter Motor A.png

Steering Column Stalk A.png

Steering Rack Components.png

Wheel Carrier Set.png

Oil Cooler A.png

Oil Cooler B.png

Oil Cooler C.png





Piston & Barrel Set A.png

Piston & Barrel Set B.png

AC Hose Mount Bracket.png

Accelerator Pedal Linkage - RHD B.png

Accelerator Pedal Linkage - RHD C.png

Accelerator Pedal Linkage - RHD.png

Brake Line Set A.png

Fan Bearing Mount.png

AC Condensor A.png

AC Condensor B.png

AC Condensor C.png

AC Evaporator A.png

AC Evaporator B.png

AC Evaporator C.png

AC Evaporator D.png

Dash Button Set A.png

Dash Button Set B.png

Dash Button Set C.png

Door Mirrors A.png

Door Mirrors B.png

Door Mirrors C.png

Headlights A.png

Headlights B.png






Ignition Lead Tray A.png

Ignition Lead Tray B.png

Injector Harness & Fule Rails A.png

Injector Harness & Fule Rails B.png

Select Parts B.png

Camshaft Set A.png

Camshaft Set B.png

Camshaft Set C.png

Camshaft Set D.png

Horn Set.png

Distributor + Coils Packs + Leads A.png

Distributor + Coils Packs + Leads B.png

Distributor + Coils Packs + Leads C.png

Fuel Pump.png

Fog Lights (sm).jpg

Front Bar Lights (sm).jpg

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