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[VIC] Transaxles by the bay

Red Panda

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Jumping on the bandwagon and hijacking the name! (..with approval)

On Sunday 9th June I’m planning a winter Porsche transaxle (924,944,968,928) gathering in Melbourne. It would be fantastic to get as many cars together as possible, so break out your transaxles and let’s show Melbourne how great Porsches can be with that have engines in the front and gearboxes at the back (Porsche mullets?).

So let's meet up and talk all things torque tube over a coffee and a view of the bay whilst looking at everything from 924 Carrera GTs to 968 Turbo RSs
It will be somewhere in Elwood area, running 8am until the last leaver. I’ll confirm the venue once I have an idea of the number of cars coming and any road closures planned in the area.

Don't have a torque tube car, come and have a look at what you're missing but I'd like to group the cars so please park to the side. 

Thanks to those that have already registered via Facebook event (below) or PCV, spread the work, lets fill the carpark



This is fun, non commercial event, please act and drive responsibly so this type of gathering can continue


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On 29/05/2024 at 10:41, neun6acht said:

I probably should be there... 

Cheers to Jon for organising 👍👍


Maybe too wet for @neun6acht (unless that was you i spoke to in the GTS?) and several others, Melb weather turned Sat morning but still good to get these cars together, I learnt Aust got very little colour choice in the transaxle range unlike Europe





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I was driving a friends 944S - but thoroughly  enjoyed the morning.... despite the weather.


It might have been cold and wet, but met some wonderful transaxles enthusiasts, and loved looking at the cars... particularly the late model 944s and 944 Turbos.


Its a broad church after all !



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1 hour ago, reedminor said:

I was driving a friends 944S - but thoroughluy enjoyed the morning.... despite the weather.

Didn’t even know you were there or would’ve said hello, maybe I can blame the mist, hats and umbrellas 😂

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