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911 SC Door change


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What started with a bit of tinkering to try and get the power mirrors to work (which I did!) ended up with me getting on with a job done that i'd been putting off for some time. When I originally went to look at the car one of the issues with it (but later became a bargaining point) was that the drivers door check strap had broken, and subsequently the door had been over extended and did not fit or shut too well. 

While it was repairable it would still have needed a new skin to do it right, but by a stroke of luck a found a used door on Gumtree of all places! The door came off an Ex US 1979 Targa and was in excellent condition, although i needed to "re-imagine" ( seams to be the buzz word just now) the mirror mounting holes as it was from a LHD car.

Old door comes off:




This is what buggered check strap looks like:


New (recycled) door ready to swap over, repainted with hinge pin bushings replaced:



Check strap reinforcement kit:


As usual with old cars some cleaning is required:


These doors are pretty heavy even when bare, and before i swaped everything over thought I'd better to make sure it fits the hole:


The PO must have removed most of the hinge shims to get the damaged door to fit as there was only one still there. 

IMG_1625_zpsqgs8s6dc.jpgWith the catch and check strap installed it actually fitted not too bad, it will need at least 2 hinge shims to bring it back (widen gap from door to front guard) and the striker needs to come in a tad. I did have some concerns there might have been some damage done to the hinge pillar but it was fine:


One of the mounts on the window regulator had been damaged and bodged up, and a new one is NLA. Apparently there is a superseded version for around $500 and requires a few new holes to be drilled but is claimed to be a better reg.

The $500 is enough for me to attempt repairs :) The really frustrating bit is the used door came with a regulator and its in perfect condition, but the Targa one is different and will not work in the coupe!!!






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No, the doors are the same and I believe it was the earlier 911's that did not have the intrusion bars. New doors and skins do not come with the mirror holes pre-drilled so they don't have to make ones for different markets.

The old door is rust free and repairable so I'll hang on to it of now…

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good write up! are you going to cover refitting the trim too?

Targa one is different? I know a guy (me) after one 'cause i can hear my regulator making noises.. I'll chat to you about it when i see you

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I'm intrigued to understand what the culprit(s) where in your power door mirror wows?

I ask as I will be undertaking the same exercise shortly and would be grateful for any tips and tricks for new players ;) 

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I'm intrigued to understand what the culprit(s) where in your power door mirror wows?

I ask as I will be undertaking the same exercise shortly and would be grateful for any tips and tricks for new players ;) 

The mirrors not working turned out to be just the wires disconnected,  well sort of. I'd had the mirror off before to measure the holes for drilling the new (recycled) door and noticed the wires were inside the door and not going through the mirror.  The other week i started to investigate a bit further and found the male part of the mirror wiring connector plug was missing, so i nipped down to Porsche Centre Brisbane and picked up another one:lol: Ok so  searched the inter web, found the part# ordered it (ex Germany) and a week (ish) later it was here.

Prior to this I had cleaned the connections figured out were they went and the mirrors worked! then I decided to swap over the doors and thats how this all started.


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With mirror and window wiring removed from the door some more re-furbishment was required as the loom cover/plastic was cracked and has lost most of it flexibility. I  found some braided stuff at Jay Car that is split and self locking so you can fit it without removing the terminals, may cost me a point or 2 next time i'm a Pebble Beach Concours though;)


Mirror wiring fixed up and new plug fitted.


Window switch wiring needed some new heat shrink and a bit of a clean up so I could actually see the wire colours:



New speaker wires run too while i was in there and new courtesy light switch rubber fitted:






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